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Please give warm welcome to our latest sponsor MONSTERBASS.

ALL Ice Shanty members can get a 50% Discount on their first Ice Box from MONSTERBASS. Use code: SHANTY50
Where do you live and fish?
It doesn't make any sense to send the same baits in January to a guy in Michigan, as it does to a guy in Florida.  The stages of the spawn are different and the water temperatures and depths are different. So by telling us where you love to fish, we can send the best baits for the conditions you're fishing.

What's your skill level?
Are you new to the sport of fishing or do you think you're the next KVD?  Our monthly surveys help us determine which baits to send each month. It's your responses that help drive the direction of our monthly boxes.

Do you typically fish from a boat, the bank or both?
If you're only fishing from the bank then it makes no sense to send you 20' deep-diving crank baits.  This information prevents us from sending you baits that you won't use.

What are your favorite baits?
Understanding what baits you like to throw will help us create boxes that are a good mix of your go-to baits, as well as some new ones that will challenge you and help you become a better angler.

The results.
The results of our our monthly surveys help our team of experts create the perfect box of baits based upon the responses you've provided.  We've got two different options that range from $25-$35/month.  You can switch, pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Customer Service is #1
Our goal is to solve any problem that may arise in the exact same way that we would expect our own problems to be solved.  Quickly, efficiently and fair.  Our team can be reached 24/7 at [email protected] All questions will be responded to within 2 business days.

So now that you understand how it works... let's reserve your first box.

 Welcome Monster Bass thank you for your sponsorship.

welcome monsterbass,hope to be grabbin old bucketmouth soon

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Welcome  Monsterbass :thumbsup:


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