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Uncle Al:
Spent many years sitting on a bucket, and have recently bought a 2 man flipover. Always used a longer rod 30-36in. The flipover came with 2 24in Ice Blue medium action rods  that the PO used, are these rods ok for inside fishing, or should I get something else. I'll be fishing for walleye most of the time. Thanks

Those should work fine for you but if you like using a longer rod in your flipover you shouldn't have too many issues fishing a rod up to 30" in length.

Im guessing they aren't too sensitive. You'll probably be happier with some more sensitive graphite/carbon/fast glass rods for walleye.  I fish 28-30 inch rods in my one man. I just keep the rod tip close to the hole.  Just give yourself room for the hookset.

Use the hut several times and you'll figure out what works best for you. I fish out of a flip over most times and all my rods are 30" or shorter.

I have an ice blues and it's super sensitive. My go to for panfish. Cant speak to walleye, but I like the rod a lot


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