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Fished yesterday. After 4 hours, battery went from 87% to 65% - 12.3V - 11.1 V. Pretty sure I could have got another 4 hours.

Just a note for those on this thread that have Ridgid batteries with LSA.

This week I had a battery go dead in about an hour of fishing. I had taken it off the charger, and the charger was not blinking, which means "full" I was using it on my Garmin 73SV ice kit- which I had done the week before without issue. I set a voltage alarm on the Garmin, and switch batteries if it gets down to 16V, which should be 1V higher than the batteries internal limit. This time it just went dead without warning, and the unit shut down

I got home, put it on the charger, and it started charging, but when I came back to it, it signaled a bad battery.

I looked on line, and in my warranty summary, which is 3 pages long, I could not find the battery listed.

I called Ridgid battery warranty service, got a nice lady, and she asked me for the serial number of the battery. She said is was part of a kit, and needed the number of the tool it came with. I found it was a 3/8 drill that I had gotten free as an LSA replacement, and I never registered it, partly because I felt like Ridgid no longer owed me for this drill. I got the original drill in 2005, and when the Ni-cad batteries died, they gave me 2 new 3 AH lithiums and a new charger. The trigger switch dies around 2012, they fixed that, and when the gear box broke this year, they gave me another 3/8 drill kit, with the battery that just died and another charger.

So- even though I didn't register, this was a free tool, and this battery was a bonus from previous drill replacement under LSA, they are sending me a replacement battery. I did not have to whine or complain, in fact once I knew that this was my free battery, I would have been happy to drop the whole thing.

Just a positive experience for those that might be wondering about the value of the LSA that you get with Ridgid tools and batteries.


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