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Tipup sealant

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Spar varnish.i used it on my transom wood on my boat.if its good enough to protect wood thats submerged under water its good for a tipup.its soaks into the wood the first few can stain the tippy any color first then put on the spar varnish.

I've mentioned this before but if'n I had wood tippys I'd do 'em in tung oil.

Dad used to use turpentine and boiled linseed 50/50 on rifle stocks. He actually scrape any poly finish off to redo in oil. While it looked great and was easy to touch up linseed never got really hard and when it got wet it would always get a little "white". It'd always look fine on drying but I thought never really protected the wood well.

I went down the same path of refinishing only I used tung oil instead of Dad's mix. Wipe on, let it soak in, dry hard. Repeat. You'll know when it's enough. Once you get 4 - 7 applications and it dries completely it's good to go for a number of years. Looks terrific and doesn't get that "white" when wet. Get a scratch? Hit it with some steel wool and tung. Done. Get a scratch with spar or poly? That's a chore to repair and have look perfect (if that's what you want).

From the Al Gore International Library: "Tung Oil has been around for many many years. It was used to preserve wood ships for hundreds of years. The oil penetrates into the wood, providing a relatively hard surface that repels water, giving it a waterproof finish. Another bonus is that tung oil seeps into the grain of the wood making the grain pop. In other words, the color of the wood is slightly darkened, giving the wood a rich, warm color or beings out the natural color of the wood. When tung oil is not thinned, in other words, itís 100% tung oil, itís a non-toxic finish. "

All's I know is my rifle stocks look fantastic (love the look of natural wood) and take a week or so in the woods under the worst conditions in stride. And maintenance in minimal.

Don't have to take a chance on all yer rigs. Try it on one and see what you think.

I'm a boiled linseed oil guy.   Mix it 50/50 with mineral spirits and brush it on every couple of years.   Also protects metal on the tip ups.  Also use it on my spud, hammers, axes, and chisels.  You just don't put it on to thick or it will stay tacky.  Couple of light coats mixed 50/50 dries hard.     

Where you boys getting spar varnish?  They made that illegal around me just like oil based paint, bad for the environment "they" say.  All I can get is Spar Urethane and it sucks compared to varnish.
I will second the boiled linseed oil, I cut it with turpentine instead of spirits. I also tend to put it in a dedicated pan or metal can on the wood stove and heat it up before I put it on.  I feel it kicks the exothermic reaction up a notch or two.

Spar varnish is everywhere here.all the hardware stores carry it and doing a search on it on the ol web theres no shortage of it.


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