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Tipup sealant

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--- Quote from: Roccus on Nov 22, 2020, 04:27 PM ---Tung oil is a premium sealant, used for hundreds of years on sailing schooners.
I build salt water plugs for striped bass, have done so for 50 years, for many, many year I I used 60/40  BLO  and Turpentine,  about 15 years ago I went to Tung oil,  looking for something that would dry faster and be more durable, research sent me to tung oil, it is far superior and SAFER  than BLO  and Turps. Which can spontaneously combust if care is not taken...
I also build tip ups( I've done  a how to here on shanty on my Snow leopard tip ups), the wood is sealed with tung oul, then painted with marine grade polyurethane paint and then given 3 coats of marine spar varnish..

Not only are they beautiful,  they are extremely durable.

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God bless you Roccus!  ;)2 :thumbsup:


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