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Tipup sealant

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What would you consider the best way to waterproof a cross base tipup? Have never done it and have some that could use it. Thanks

I have used this on multiple wood projects

Brush it on or wipe it on with a rag, then hit it with a hair dryer and it will make the wood expand and suck more in. I do 2 or 3 coats. It's pretty natural too so no worries about some leaking into the lake.

If you want a 100% waterproof coating you will need to use a urathane and essentially clear coat your tipup. You can get it in a matte or satin so it won't look too shiny and still have some of the old fashioned wood look.

Thanks, I will check that out!


Great idea will be buying this today to seal my new Heritage tip ups

smitty :tipup:

Really you want a Marine Spar Varnish. There are many brands out there. For best protection, apply three coats. With a light sanding in between each coat.


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