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Venom's DIY Mr. Buddy Cooking Grill - $7.88 @ Menards and *safe*

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Well guys... here ya go.  I saw a bunch of people doing the galvanized paint tray for a cooking surface.. WHICH IS DANGEROUS... and decided I could do better.

I utilized Adventure Time Outdoors video and compiled my step by step process.

I used a "meant for cooking" camping "Smore's" maker from Coleman which is $7.88 currently at menards.

Here is how I cut, bent and fit one half of the smores basket.  Technically if you don't screw up you get 2 cooking grills for $7.88  (Give one to a buddy)  The smores basket has recessed pockets perfect for holding brats or for heating 2 cans of soup/chili/coffee etc.   


Cutt the hinge rings off and seperate the halves

How-to-cut (I used a cutt off wheel and angle grinder)

Smooth out niblets and bend rods slightly at 15* angle

Cutt excess rod off and bend up at 90* angle at the last inch... ENJOY!

Very nice Mod ;D..


Thanks for sharing your idea and all the pictures!

Bucket Rump:
Nice!  Looks like you could use/mod that handle portion as a support brace if you needed one, too.


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