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Favorite technique when the bite gets slowwwwww.

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Hey guys, im not new to ice fishing by any means using the old standby jig and minnow or smelt on a tipup, but im definetly new to targeting certain species and using technology to my advantage in icing more fish.  I live 2 miles from the lake so when the bite has slowed in the past i just didnt go out.  Now i've got a flasher and pretty much all the toys as well i've read ALOT of articles on fishing trying different things but this past weekend had me frustrated.  I know sometimes with certain weather systems the fish just simply wont bite, but i had so many marks on my flasher and i just couldnt convince any of them to commit no matter what i tried bait wise or lure wise.  In this lake there is only Walleye, the odd perch and Northern Pike.

I was on every spectrum from jig and minnow, jigging rap, blade style baits, rattle live target minnows, all sorts of spoons in every color the store has, haha.  down to a bare hook on flourocarbon with mealworm or minnow or minnow head and perch eye ive saved from previous success.  Tiny hair jigs.  EVERYTHING! One rod was constantly changing colors, sizes and bait and my other rod had a frozen shiner on a bare jig on florocarbon.

What is your go-to when trying to suck in that light bite?  We did have a very large cold front where the temp dropped on thursday night from -10C to -32C where it stayed that -30 all weekend.

Thanks for your input!

Doubles Shooter:
Days like that, I'll just go home and hop on the snowmobile and go riding. After a couple hours of nothing happening, i get tired of it and leave. Some days are like that.

First I would drill more holes and hole hop. 5 minutes per hole. then start switching lures and lure colors. Then try going with bigger lures or bait. Instead of jigging with spikes on the jig, try small minnow.

They just won't bite, they just won't.

In the past, I did by chance found and played with 6 inch fingerlings that will bite.  After an hour or two I had enough of that.

Just got back from a trip like that where a cold front shut them right down. Lots of lookers on the vex and no takers. Just about emptied my tackle box trying different lures all the way down to a plain hook n minnow. Some days you just can't make it happen.


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