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Taking your kids fishing?

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When I take my boys fishing I let them catch most of the fish. I will take a couple flags after they have both caught a few, but let them catch the majority of the fish. Nothing will get a kid hooked on fishing more than catching fish. Once your kids are hooked you have fishing partners for life.

Bring extra socks, gloves and boots.  I know my kids are going to get wet because they have to play with the fish, snow, water and are constantly on the ice.  Hand/toewarmers are a good idea.  We always bring a football to throw around also.

My wife and daughter (who's about to be 7) are showing interest in going this year. Looks like I'm getting kicked out of my 2man and back to sitting out in the elements. As long as I can keep them warm and getting a few bites we should be good. Good tips so far.  :thumbsup:

Jaw Jacker. 

Drill three holes in a "loose" mickey mouse ear pattern, then you can sit beside your son and both of you can use one unit.  Depending on how deep you're fishing will determine how close together you have to be to get your hooks to show up on the unit.  You won't know exactly which lure the fish is looking at, but you'll both know there is a fish there, and it's kind of exciting to see who will catch the fish first.  Makes it fun for both of you. It will also allow you to show your kid different jigging techniques if your catching them and they're not.  Alot easier for them to learn if they can see it first hand from dad.  If they still aren't getting the hang of it, put down your rod and help them out till they get the hang of it...:)


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