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Spikes, Waxies etc .

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ice dude:
Freshwater shrimp work good for those finiky perch too.
For wigglers you might have to ask for Silver wigglers.

Those wigglers look like they'd do the trick, I'm going to have to look around!  I took the kids to a local creek and we spent some time flipping rocks.  There were all kinds of things crawling around, but I don't think that I can legally take them from a trout creek in New York.  Anyone know if you can buy wigglers on like?

I see a lot of posts about people using fresh water shrimp.  The ones I run into on local lakes are so small you couldn't thread them on the thinnest of light wire hooks.  How do you use these for bait?

ice dude:
i get my shrimp from a local pet store. They are about an inch long or so plenty big enough for bait.

Water Wolf:
Using the shrimp for pet stores got me thinking. I don't know if this would work, but you guys could try it and see, I had a pet turtle once and I use to feed it freezed dried krill from the local pet stores. They look like good panfish bait to me.
If any of you try it, let me know how they work.


I think the use of mayfly larvea in NY is illegal to use as bait.  I don't know where it is in the books but I remember hearing it on more than on occassion from different sources.  It could be a wives tail though?


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