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Spikes, Waxies etc .

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Its not illegal for use as bait in NYS, but it is illegal to collect aquatic larvea from any trout stream in NYS.

thanks red...I knew there was some type of law protecting the larvea..just wasn't sure of the details.

i just started rasing waxworms last year..  I failed to keep with them at the end of the season and lost my breedeing stock. I just ordered a new kit so now i will have 2 going.  i order my kits from its easy and i might have my sons 2nd grade class help raise them for me LOL ( last year i had so many that i gave alot away on the ice)


--- Quote from: Iceshanty on Nov 08, 2005, 05:38 PM ---Wigglers are the mayfly larvae. Mayfly larvae have a shelf life of about 2 weeks. Their water should be changed every other day and refrigeration is required.
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Otis they are in nearly every bait shop in my area, if I remember right you're in NY, and I know that Coldfeet has mentioned to me that although not readily available state wide you can get them somewhere there.

When perch get tight lipped this is what I pull out of the cooler.


--- End quote ---

    When I lived in Michigan and started ice fishing many years ago wigglers were all we used for perch... Once I moved back to New York no one knew what they were and I cant find them any where...

Good pics.  They are all basically some type of larvae.  I find that plastic imitations, like the ones you find in the jars, work real good too.  Sometimes they even out fish live bait.  Typically in MN you'll find waxies are the most common for panfish.  Crappie minnows do real good for crappie and perch too.


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