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My Homemade $15 Sled! AKA The "Smitty Sled"

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Here's my new homemade sled for my suitcase shanty. I got tired of it being a snow plow instead of it riding on top of the snow. Now it is like pulling 5lbs behind me when I have probably 85lbs of gear on it. It puts together in 30 seconds and takes apart in 15 seconds. It glides so easy over the snow! Now I'm not afraid of walking a long distance to a hot spot if I have to. It can be built for $15-$20 depending how cheap you get your skis for and what other stuff you have on hand. My skis only cost me $5 at our local thrift store. This also comes apart really easy so you can fit in your car like I have to, NO TOOLS REQUIRED! I thought I should share this for anyone on a budget or for one to get into your car Like I have to. Smitty

is there suppose to be a pic? cuiz if so i dont see anything


--- Quote from: d.e.a.f.g.u.y on Jan 25, 2009, 12:13 PM ---is there suppose to be a pic? cuiz if so i dont see anything

--- End quote ---
I had to modify...sorry. Smitty

what model shappell is that and how does it do in deep snow?

It is a shappell S3000. I just have had  it out twice since building it Friday. By tying the rope to the ski tips I found it rides on top of the snow and doesn't sink much. Smitty


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