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These were "must haves" on Winnie back in the day:

Especially the Org/Blk dots...


--- Quote from: filetandrelease on Nov 20, 2019, 03:01 PM --- 1/8 Gold /green

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Ive had luck with a few of the smaller Kasty's  When its a good bite my favorite is hanging an eye or a chunk of skin from the last fish.  Gets it up and back down quick.  Durable.   First keeper can sometimes be tough with a Spike or Waxie.  Seems easier for me to get things kicked off with a Shucks or a Moosh and then switch it up when they are "focused".


--- Quote from: blakemohr on Nov 20, 2019, 12:26 PM ---My go-to is a bloodworm imitation fly that I tie myself.

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can we see a pic        please....

jigging rap or puddle jumper plastis for when they like it horizontal.  kastmaster, pimple, or jig worm for the vertical maneuvers.

what kind of tape measure is that? lol

3in. Hali's or small pimple or a "Jacks".  Anyone of them is killer on Saginaw Bay.


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