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in real deep water[over 25 feet], i use a dropshot setup and any small glow jig with maggots or minnows. i let the rig touch bottom then pound it real hard stirring up the bottom. it seems to trigger the fish most of the time. when the perch are schooled and in a biting mood , just a plain gold aberdeen hook[ about size 8 ] will do the job.sinker on bottom and the jig about 6 inches from bottom. suspended perch are another story all together.

anything that glows tipped with a waxie

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--- Quote from: baldy on Jan 03, 2008, 02:19 PM ---my #1 is a pimple with a perch eye.

my #2 is a good ole 1" tube jig with smelly jelly.  no bait.

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 Hey Baldy I notice you live in Albuquerque, NM, I have an in law that lives there and i know he doesn't fish down there he comes to NY to fish.Were in the world do you fish, let alone ice fish.


--- Quote from: MUNICH on Jan 01, 2008, 04:08 PM ---When jigging for perch I like to use a vertical jig because they seem to be more attracted to it as crappie seem more attracted to a horizontal(talking about in which the direction if the hook point is facing. A variety of small jigs work great and my favorite thing is to tip with a mousie as the tails give a lot of action.

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I agree a vertical jig of any kind and tip it with a waxie or an eyeball once you've landed a couple!  PC

my choice is a swedish pimple, or a small glow jig, either one as long as its tipped with a grub or two


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