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I have seen several descriptions of a "Perch Caller", basically a large, flashy noisemaker. Some are made of washers, some of pipe and washers, some use in conjunction with chum- They are banged on the bottom. Has anyone used these successfully?


I had an old Cabelas underwater camera i would bang on the bottom to call them. It weighed 6 or 8 oz and would made a good sized cloud. Perch showed up quick with a Trout occasionally. It worked better on C J than it did on Cascade Res.

I use them, caught a good bag on a 98 acre pond.


--- Quote from: twinlakesfisher on Feb 14, 2019, 12:06 PM ---I use them, caught a good bag on a 98 acre pond.

--- End quote ---

What does yours look like? How do you use it!


Old window weight tied to a rope. Pound bottom...bring in fish


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