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what to put above a spoon?

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been fishing in 25 foot of water, with a thin willow blade spoon. fish have been hammering it, but it takes forever to get down. tried different spoons and they seem to really like this one. so i added a few splitshot above it to get it down faster, with one issue. the perch are sometimes going by the spoon and hitting the splitshot lol. so im trying to decide what i can put above it to catch those fish that pass on the spoon. thoughts?

Slab grabber and a power nymph above

an ice fly. colored bucktail tied to a hook.

i prefer little teardrop jigs on my dropper setups; but if you're looking to add weight to the rig, shoot for something larger.

something else you might try is putting your weight closer to your spoon, or putting a plain hook just below your split shot and tipping that with a plastic or some bait

thats what i was thinking of doing. putting a hook between the splitshot and a plastic


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