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In Vt we are permitted to use a submersible light and I use a Hydro Glow. We were targeting smelt at night early in the season but kept getting into a mess of larger perch. The bite was very light and shut off by 11 pm but they were consistent for a few nights...curious to see if it happens again this season.

All the scientific literature out there says perch become inactive after dark and just sulk on the bottom. Of course that doesn't mean can't be caught if you are right on top of them are illuminate the water around them, which I have done.

If you think about it it makes sense as they are at a distinct disadvantage compared to walleye and other night feeders that like to prey on them. The walleye for example has evolved to see better at night with the reflective layer of pigment known as tapetum lucidum.

Walleyes maybe, but perch are not worth staying up at night!

I enjoyed the read guys, thanks!

A lot of good responses here and I think all of them are right to an extent.  It it definitely is harder to get the perch to bite after dark. Iíve done good for the first hour after the sun goes down then they usually shut off.


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