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A lot of good responses here and I think all of them are right to an extent.  It it definitely is harder to get the perch to bite after dark. Iíve done good for the first hour after the sun goes down then they usually shut off.

we fished for walleye on champain two years ago at night, and caught perch all night long, it was odd, It does happen but not as well as a day bite. Running to the tip ups and pulling perch after perch was very odd...we use a hydro light, it allow enough light for cameras to work effectively at night.

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They seem to shut down here around sundown. I think they go dormant, but don't know for sure. I was on top of Perch and suddenly they were gone. A little later a Northern Pike came into the area, stayed for about 20 minutes and swam off. After a few minutes Perch came rising up from the silt on the bottom. That was the first time I witnessed this and I was really glad I had my camera near the bottom. I had heard that Perch would hide from danger in the silt, but wasn't sure until I actually watched it happen.

Thatís cool, I have never experienced that, good to know, thank you.

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--- Quote from: HardIce32 on Nov 28, 2018, 10:49 AM ---Thatís cool, I have never experienced that, good to know, thank you.

--- End quote ---
Happened on Waubay Lake on the mud flats.


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