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What size perch you keep

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 Hunger for a meal determines a lot,  I have eaten tons of  8" perch , also depends on the body of water I'm  fishing 😉

The minimum for me is 8 inches depending on the lake but most times I won't keep them less than 10 inches.

On a slough where they run smaller, 8+ depending on fatness.  On a bigger lake where you can possibly get multiple 12s in a day, 10+.  I find that 9-11 are the best keepers.  12+ the rib cage gets a lot more rugged and they're hard to clean, and you don't get that much more meat from a 13 than from an 11.  Big ones are great for a picture, but 9-11 is ideal for eating.

Depends how hungry for a fish dinner I am :)

I usually go with 10".


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