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Hali-Jig for perch

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 Those jigs work great for lots of fish species.

Has anyone else had problems with the hooks straightening out on Hali jigs? I lost a jumbo yesterday due to that. The hooks seem pretty wimpy to me.

The ones I've had the most luck are the 25mm (the smallest size) in yellow glow perch (AYF), green glow perch (AFRG), yellow/red glow perch (AFYR) and perch glow.(AFRG)

Ist lure I drop down for perch, I like perch/ gold pattern and replace single hook with #14 treble. Also love Perpetual Motion spoon too!

Perch gold has been the best one I've used for perch.  Tip with maggots.  When the maggots pull off after a few fish, pop a perch eye out and use that for meat. I've literally caught over a 100 (at a time) of perch this way.


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