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Hali-Jig for perch

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Where do you buy your Hali-jigs?

Bucket Brigade:

--- Quote from: Dave Hager on Jan 24, 2015, 07:08 PM ---Where do you buy your Hali-jigs?

--- End quote ---

Most local tackle shops carry them. If not, try online.

The hali used to be my go to for perch, that is before I tried the lindy perch talker, I have a new go to.

I noticed when I fish minnow heads with the Hali-jig and the dropper chain that the minnow head floats and rest up against the jig.Doesn't seem like a natural presentation. Catch some but seems like a lot of lookers. Like the dropper chain just doesn't work with minnow heads. Tried split shot on hook but couldn't seem to keep heads on. Any suggestions ?

Green hali is my go to lure. It stays right on one of my rods.


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