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I just bought a few Hali's and my mission is for perch. Would you guys fill me in on what is your favorite colors and what size? I've heard these are good perch jigs. Thanks for any help.

Best ive done with has been bright green by bottom. i like to lift it up a few times shake it real quick then let it sit 10 secondss and repeat. with 2 spikes on it. have had decent luck for crappies and perch even a trout or 2

When using spikes I load it up with 3 to 6 spikes. With a wax worm I "T"Bone it. Sometimes I bait it with a minnow head.  Thump it on the bottom a few times, then raise it slowly.

I have good luck with halies for perch tipped with spikes as far as coler dependes on where and how deep you fish if the water is real cloudy try aglow in the dark pattern.    I real mine up a lot and let it fall.   The deeper the water the heavy the jig you want to use also (let me try to explain)   I do not want my lures to fall to fast I want them to flutter down go out away from the hole and then drift back to the center oof the hole.   I guess i would say 12 feet of water use a hali about 1.5 inches long 20 feet go to the longr ones.    I have to admitt northland forage minnow smelt patterns have been deadly for me this year so far.   I remove the treble hook and replace it with a #8 wide eye hook which can be bought at fly tying shops and tip them with maggots.   The treble hooks will work tipped with maggots but remember there are two more barbs out there when yuo grab that fish

Channel Z:
My go to rig this year has been a Hali Sukkula 25 AWFR glow white with yellow stripes and pink head. I remove the chain /hook and tie on a 6# Segaur fluro leader ~6" long with a #14 scud type wet fly with gold bead head. Tip with a mousie when I can get them and 2 spikes, a waxie and 2 spikes or as many spikes as I can get on the small hook, including a dead brown spike on first. Caught so many on this rig the bead is the only thing left and I caught 1 Saturday with bead only, no meat. Tied a new one on today. 2 weeks ago I didn't even get another jig wet and got my limit.


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