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Re: Women's boots
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I'm in interior Alaska, which is a cold, cold place, and I'm a woman.  There's been some good advice so far and so less good advice.

First, in Connecticut you don't need super-warm boots to stay warm, but you do need to know how to wear them.  Buy oversized boots and layer up, but never wear so many layers of socks that the boots get tight and cut off your circulation.  They need to be big enough to give your feet room to breathe, whatever socks etc. you're wearing.  Second, you may not realize this is happening but in cold places, and when out on the ice, you lose a lot of warmth through the soles of your boots, so an extra layer of insoles can make a huge difference.  Wool felt insoles are excellent and don't need to cost a lot.  Third, if your feet get wet you're going to feel cold, and one of the most common ways for your feet to get wet is from sweat.  So, unless you're wearing some sort of vapor barrier sock or boot (ding!) Muck boots (which I otherwise love) are not going to stay very warm over a long day on the ice.  Super-heavy boots are going to be uncomfortable to move around in and too warm for conditions.  Something like Cabela's Snow Runners that are big enough to take an extra insole and a pair of liner socks under wool socks should be excellent.  Another good but spendy option is NEOS Navigators over whatever's comfortable.


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