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how deep do you spear? in the lake I spear it is bowl shaped with lots of weeds. no real dropoffs, however lots of weeds till you get to a 11 foot depth. as a result weeds growing thich till the bottom is 11 foot, we have about 4 foot of open water above the depths less than 11 foot and then a quick dropoff in weed growth at 11 foot.So I have been setting up at 11 which makes it hard to see pike at the deepesst depths  unless it is a bright day. Question should I set up where depthis only 4 foot of open water above the weed bed? seems too shallow to me. any suggestion on this or movement of shanty to different depths as winter oxygen levels change?

I set up in 10 fow at the maximum. I try to keep it beteween 5 - 8 fow. If you can find an area in about 6 fow that has a patch of no weeds, say 10 foot in diameter, I would set up there. You don't want to deep, not only because of visibility, but if the fish is 11 feet down, it might be gone by the time the spear gets down that far.

I put up my shanty in no less than 7' and no more than 10' . I have a good spot that goes deep at about 18' rite at the shore then comes up real quick to about 5' in a big weed flat and I stay at about 8.5' rite on the drop off with weeds in site of my hole and I can see the drop off clear as day, that has been my best spot so far cause the Pike love to Cruz near the weed line. As far as being rite in the weeds I would do what WHATEPOLE said and go shallow at about 6' and that should do fine, 11' is just to deep in my opinion. GOOD LUCK with whatever you decide to do. 

I like 8' to 10' fow, but I have done ok in 12 fow.


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