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--- Quote from: Iceassin on Nov 23, 2022, 03:17 PM ---Made it out today. 3" of solid on a local channel. 1 24" Northern. 1 minnow trip. And 2 that took me into the weeds that I lost. One felt like a pretty good one. Oh well...got out. Now it's going away for awhile.  :(

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Sounds like you had a good time even for just one day 👍

Ronnie D:
Looked at the forecast for Lake Houghton today & the annual Christmas trip might be a week - 10 days early, but then again it's da mitten & can be like betting a lions game. So I'm still saving my KOOL-AID for Santa till it happens

Had 2.5" of ice on my first ice spot Thanksgiving Day....all open water now, hoping the incoming cold snap locks her back up quick.  I've always said if you can walk out anytime before Christmas in West MI then it's a good year. 

Got all my gear ready to go ! Never been ready this early. Picked up a new 20 volt drill last week for my auger. Just gotta get a few smelt flies & I'm on the ice  ;D ;D ;D

If this wind ever lets up.....Maybe we will get some ice.


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