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Anyone been by there know what the ice conditions are like and is there access off mullet burt rd on the northeast side? Thinking of making one last trip somewhere for walleyes before it closes

Ronnie D:
I was looking to do the same thing after today's sit, 6 " of ice shattered when i pushed the spear hole cut in, but at 4 bucks a gallon ( if lucky) , I'm probably gonna have to pass & call this my last ride for 2021.
Swift Tines

Probably heading up after work in the morning.... Walleye burbot and perch beware....

i saw guys out on lakes today in livingston. burt should be fine. Unless you wanna hit crystal. I could give you a couple burbot spots there. No walleye though.

Im mainly goi g for walleye seeing as it closes Tuesday... I only have maybe 30 fillets in the freezer and that aint gonna cut it... My family of 5 goes through so e walleye quick lol


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