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Ok I'll ask the question. Who was out this weekend and how was the ice where you were? Obviously each lake is different and spud your way out and I don't care about the exact lake. TIA

18 inches of good solid ice, in a marina in Arenac County.

Saturday had 16+" in Kalkaska County.  Did not go out on Sunday after the rain pooled up the ice.

8" of questionable ice in livingston county. Wonder if this snow will hurt or help the ice?

They were still driving trucks on the ice in Gladwin County yesterday!!!  That was "THEY" were, I sure wouldn't.  Doesn't matter how thick the ice is, what matters is how strong is it.  And, this time of year with the freezing and thawing, the ice has to be starting to get honeycombed.   No thanks, I'll walk, pretty hard to check the ice from inside a pick-up!


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