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sabiki rig for smelt?


has anyone ever tried a sabiki rig for smelt? If you what kind? color?

Sabiki rigs appear to be popular in different shops near smelt lakes. The biggest problem I have seen,is most of them have size #10 or #12 hooks. Its much more productive to use smaller hooks. I tie & sell #16 smelt flies that work very well, but I rig them different than a Sabiki. I tie them on short loop droppers spaced about 8"-10" apart. The droppers are tied w/ a simple double overhand knot (Surgeons knot), on loops that I try to keep about 3/4" long. With practice ,you can tie a 5 fly rig in about 5-7 minutes. The hooks dangle on the short loops & the bites show up on a sensitive rod quite well. The longer leads on a Sabiki  hinder seeing those bites, & hooking fish. I have a video on a FB page on how I tie them. PM me if you would like info on it , or you can read a few posts on the Gull Lake thread & figure out what it is. Not going to advertise here.


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