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Homemade Portable Shanty Build

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So I decided to employ the help of
My dad to rebuild the side walls.  The first one was just too wide at 6 ft 2 inches.   Afraid of it fitting into truck bed.    So I recut the eclipse on the jig (measured inside diameter this time). Now the ends are 58 inches
Also as we bent the tube we added 2x4s about every 8 inches to hold the arch in place as we bent it which made it way easier to keep the shape

We got both sides completed.  In the pic I put them the 8ft apart to see how room it will be.   I can say it will will fish 3 way way easy.  4 will be fine and you won’t run elbows etc.    next will be the 2 section folding floor so the shanty will fold up to 6ft long instead of 8 ft

A bit more down today.  Got the floor frame welded up and hinged.  Looked like it will fold up to unde 8 to 10 inches.   Got a tarp ordered so waiting on it

Shack man Shoney:
Looking Good, Keep the progress pics coming. :tipup:

Spring break with the kids got in the way :),,, now the cylcones are cutting into my shop time to finish it !!! go clones!   I have everything ready (tarp, floor etc).. i plan to finish it up next week and will post pics...


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