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Homemade Portable Shanty Build

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Got some work done today on the shanty.   Covered the floor with 1/16 inch aluminum.  A little flimsy but think it will be fine.  Also got the 1/4 inch corrugated plastic sheets on the side.  Had to order these from Home Depot cause they only carry the 1/8 inch stuff at store.   It cuts like butter with a jig saw.    I went with a 8 foot painter extension pole to use as my brace in the middle.    Hopefully this week I can get the tarp I ordered on it and the doors this week

This is awesome

Nice job on the shanty.

Since it was a rainy day I was anole to get more done.  Got the doors built and was able to put the nylon tarp on.  To install the tarp I used channel and wiggle wire like they use on greenhouses.   It was difficult to stretch it but finally got a snug fit.   Folds up nice too.  This is not a 1 man chantry.  The 5x8 is just to hard to handle.  Very easy to handle for two guys tho.   My brother wants a smaller one so we plan to build him a 4x7.   Anyway.  Just a few more things to do and I will post pics of the final project. 

Mfu5324 thank you for sharing the photos from the building of the portable fold up shanty with us here on Ice Shanty. Nice work good idea to use the channel and wiggle wire to fasten tarp to frame. Looking forward to seeing photos of finished shanty out on the ice.


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