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Water levels in ponds


Iíve noticed in SW Iowa water levels in farm ponds are down 2-3 feel. Water is not going through the outlet. No sure if water is coming in to the pond. We may have a recipe for winter kill on our hands. Also it seems like the bite is slow in these ponds. Anyone else have similar experience?

Yup, a Crawford County pond that I frequent is down about 1.5 feet.  I don't think this will cause a kill here, but the fishing definitely has been slower than in past years.  I hope we get a good rain or two in late March to help these places out.

Yes, most local ponds, pits, and lakes are down from normal levels, but saving factor from possible winter kill will be lack of snow cover--sunlight and air (oxygen exchange from air through ice) getting through ice helps and also allows oxygen content to be higher than if we had a lot of snow cover on top of low water levels. And with warmer temps, shorelines will start opening up--again allowing oxygen exchange between air and water to increase. Doesn't look like any significant precip of any kind in near future either for this part of country!


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