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Diesel Heaters for flip over


Seems to be a lot of questions around diesel heaters this year. Ben bought one and he got it installed about 2 weeks ago on his Otter flip over. Has about 30 hrs of run time on it so far, it runs great. Great space saver, nice dry heat, no exhaust in the shack to worry about (combustion air and heated air are kept separate), pretty quite inside other then the fuel pump, nice dry heat (no more windows fogging up). The one Ben bought comes with a thermostat, easily keeps the shack at 70 degrees. Very fuel efficient, maybe uses 1.5 gallon on high in 24 hrs. We did an in depth review on our podcast this week. I think its a great heating option if you are interested.  -Brett

Who's Ben??  ???


--- Quote from: Rebelss on Feb 03, 2022, 10:08 AM ---Who's Ben??  ???

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Who are you????

Check out their podcast “the short rod show” very good info. Diesel heater podcast was really good.


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