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i Have a new fishing buddy!!

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I got my Wife out for the first time yesterday. It was really slow, but she is ready to try it again. YAY!! I will try to post a picture but it isn't letting me now.

It loaded

That's awesome.  I always ask my wife to go with me every trip.  She joins sometimes but it does make for an easier time getting out more often.  She also takes her tablet so if she has enough of fishing she cuddles up in the back of the shanty and I get to keep fishing.  I installed a battery system and attached a couple USB connections so I have charging capabilities for her.  Works great and everyone stays happy.


Hard to get warm women's boots. Found some baffins for women and they seem to be warm. Way better than Columbia.

My wife would go off and on, but she tripped while helping set up pop up and broke her arm falling backwards 😑
She's gun shy now.

Sorry to hear that. I was worried about Linda but she made it. I guess I will call her SKIFFLAKELINDA!  ;D

Jimmy and Linda Skifflaker? Lol......


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