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So where is everyone's the bite been?

Been out three times so far - First time was my favorite small county pond.  10 gills between me and my son, only a few were of decent size. Tried Arrowhead Lake south of Lake View later that day and couldn't get on em.  Only one average gill caught there.

Last year I bought the trout stamp to take my boy to do that, and I wanted to go one more time before it expired, so Moorland Pond was my second destination.  It was a hoot sight fishing those trout.

Third time was a short stint at my home lake, Black Hawk.  I fished away from the community hole and had an OK perch bite until it got toward dark.  They shut down and were gone from my spot by then, so I moved in near where most people set up during the day.  Only got 1 dink crappie and one really nice 12" crappie right before I took off.

I'm hoping next time out I'm hoping I can hit a spot at Black Hawk I've been wanting to try, but someone was there yesterday.  I may go north to a relatively unknown lake to see what's up there.

I was able to get on Blackhawk Lake  back on Dec. 30 (early ice--it was 4-5" thick then) and much thanks to Matt Mork, the DNR officer there on lake, for giving me some ice conditions report. We caught a few decent perch, some small crappies, and I caught a 26" 7.5lb walleye that day! If you know Matt, he can show you the pic I sent him! We fished off of Icehouse Point in the hole that day!

Damn! I heard about that fish from another DNR guy. Congratulations! Walleye fishing can be pretty tough there in winter, in my experience.

Went out yesterday to a very small farm pond. Came out with 5 nice (sorta) crappies and a bunch of decent gills. Fun day on the ice.


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