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Higgins Lake 2022 ice

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I do know of a guy who put his side-by side through the ice on the north shore of Higgins Lake, last week.  Like anywhere else, there is no such thing as "safe" ice.

scout 2:
Was that the one that went thru inthe channel between the boat launch and th elake. That area always scared me a little and I quit going out of it with my uad. Those retaining walls hold heat and melt the ice a ways out. Just go off the beach thru the park. Thw DNR marked that ramp a few years ago so you could not get on the lake  that way. I have not been over there this year but I saw pictures of the sid eby side thru the  ice

I believe so, but not sure.

Looking for an ice report. Thinking about heading up from Saginaw in the morning.


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