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Worst injury on ice?

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My buddy fell backwards on his auger and split his dome open. We put duct tape on his head and took him to the ER. 310 stiches later.

Back in the day,my dad was carrying a lantern box under his arm and slipped and fell on it.broke 2 ribs that tough man never went to the hospital  and just wrapped his mid section up.had weird  bone bumps  where they healed weird for the rest of his life.

Remind me never to fish with you guys.. Rambo is stiching  himself up or bringing his buddy to the emergency room or Doc is breaking ribs… ::)

I'll say. Worst injury is broken ribs. I slipped on my aircraft carrier in Taiwan back in 84. Officers wouldn't let me work on the engines because I was spitting up blood. Needless to say I disobeyed orders and ended up in the infirmary for 2 weeks with an infection. Punctured lung.

Had another drunk buddy put a shanty pole through his hand trying to jerry rig it into the slots. Kept fishing then passed out an hour later.


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