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Time to fire up this thread ! 1st. ice report , finally ! South Bay is skimmed over & 2nd. bay should be completely skimmed over in the next day or so. The rest of the lake is wide open. There will be LIMITED parking available @ the south end across the street from Capt. Mo's party store. Getting gear down to the lake may be a bit difficult, due to a narrow access point. Capt. Mo's has adult beverages & snacks, fresh bait & they also sell Gull Lake Smelt Factory Smelt flies. As for Baseline rd., there is a county or twp. owned garbage can there now. Hope this helps keep the area clean. I will post updated rates for Prarieville twp. park on the north end, in the next week or so. We also will be checking south bay every day starting in a couple of days. Hope to be fishing by the end of the week.

Checked south bay tonight & it is not safe yet. Ice cracked under my feet about 10' from the end of the dock. About 1 1/2" of ice. Should be ready in a couple of days. We did not get as much snow east of Kalamazoo. 2nd. bay is pretty much locked up & the main lake is starting to lock up. Keep ya posted on what we find. No one has been out past where I went.

Two guys on the baycam now.

Hope they stay on the north side of the ice.

Thank you Smeltbuster for the update on the ice conditions. Looking forward to seeing you out on the hard water..

Thanks Smeltbuster. I aee those people out there seems pretty iffy to me. Glad you didn't get the snow we did around GR.


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