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Who doesn't like a survey?

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Well if you do...I've got one.

So for those that use spring/wire indicators, do you prefer that it is basically straight out over the end of the rod OR perpendicular to the end, out to one side or the other? For simplicity of this survey just answer...straight out or to the side.

The reason for this. I prefer mine to the side. But the wire in particular that I like to use is difficult to mount/attach this way. So, if I find that a fair number of you also fish it "to the side", I may contact the manufacturer of this wire and let them know there is a valid interest in it having it modified and to give 2 options to choose from...possibly increasing sales. Probably a long shot but one never knows. Thanks for playing.  ;)

Straight out

straight out

strait out but not too long.

there used to be a "survey" option for posts like this.  maybe its no more?

Depends on style but like the frabill titanium and st croix straight but the schooley type that go on top of the rod to the side.


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