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Thanks for the input


If you look at the map. You can see the structure less dredge cut by frank Starr park.....its basically a square hole. The trench to the left of the big island.....well there is one-two spots we catch fish in it. sometimes trolling between the end of it over to stone point will snag a random fish. Area to target is right of big island and up. That is an area with a lot of different types of structure. And has some areas that will funnel fish and different depths. Saddles, points, humps, deep holes. It sucks getting out there if you don't have a wheeler.

If you are night fishing the rocky area by the college, or sandy flat area of south shore will produce.

I have fished the area by the college and have done OK.


--- Quote from: blakemohr on Jan 26, 2022, 08:17 PM ---I have fished the area by the college and have done OK.

--- End quote ---

That can find a fish or two....not the greatest.....but when the spawn bite is on it can be really good lots of scattered rocks....

On another note with the water clarity improvement on storm......anyone notice a difference in bites with different # line


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