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My buddy Ben and I have had a blast putting this podcast together. We both live in Ankeny. We talk a lot about central Iowa lakes and ice conditions. I just wanted to share it around the ice fishing community. We just cracked 10,000 downloads. We are on all the major podcast platforms. Hope you guys enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making them.
Comments are welcome!

This is a great podcast.   I highly recommend it.

Just started listening to this a few weeks ago on spotify! love it I binged it while out fishing this weekend and can't wait for another episode! Even the wife likes it, great show guys keep it up!

I appreciate the feedback guys! We'll be at the Dakins Lake Derby this weekend 2/15. Hoping to meet a few listeners there.

Downloading all the episodes now! Love to listen while I commute each day. Thanks for the entertaining and informative podcast!


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