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Boy am I dumb never even new this was here. Help with hub how to hold decoy?


I guess if I would scroll down I would have found this spearing forum. I have a hub house using a clamp on rattle reel to hold the decoy from roof clamped on pole any other ideas or is this the ticket. Just got one today have not speared in 3 years felt good to do something different. Do I really need a floor? I wear cleats and noticed no huge issue seeing the fish?

what your doing works, I also use a dowel  and took 2 lengths of parachord, maybe a foot long and made loops hung from  cross poles of hub, where I slide the reel dowel in, then I mounted 2 cheap spinning  reels back to back with an eye screw out in front on the dowel  for decoy drop, I reversed one of the reel handles so they are on the same side.lots of guys just put a cheap rod on the ice , but I have had pike hit my deke so hard, the deke and rod/reel would be gone. I also bought 2 rattle reels and was just going to tie a rope from one  ceiling x-pole to the other and them clip the reels on the rope. On more then one occasion, I have taken my hub down, and could not get it to fold up because I didn't take the pole out,,duh

Here are some examples..

Thank you! good ideas ;)


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