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re-darkening a hub roof

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 I have a hub, with a black roof, that I spear out is getting to where it lets a bit more light in then I would like, mostly, I think I am going to be siloueted then to bright. what do you guys use to darken up the material? I am assuming the material is just getting stressed from being set up, and taken down a hundred times. I have even considered a second layer on the inside, but might be tricky to get up there, and not sure how I would secure it.  It is not insulated

Aerosol undercoating or bedliner?

Black flex seal

One might consider adding a second layer on the outside.  Nothing permanent, something like a rainfly for a summer time tent. Just a piece of black fabric with a few bungees secured to the perimeter. Throw it over the hub shelter and hook the bungees to the strap eyes anchoring the hub shelter.  Make the "fly" as big or small as needed to cover the area.

 actually, I have an old tent that got worn out, and the rain fly is fine, and may give that a try, if things ever ice over here


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