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How would you rescue your buddy or someone else

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Mountain Maggot:
Now most of us carry hand spikes that most of us hang around our neck for pulling ourselves back on the ice if we go in the drink.  However, these spikes are not going to help someone else going through the ice.  Floatation equipment is fine, but you need to get that person back onto the ice. 

I always carry a hundred foot length of rope with a bicycle inner tube tied to the end.  Rescued a snow-mobiler who went through a few years ago.  I always have a wool blanket and extra socks in my truck that can reduce the chance for hydrothermal. 

Many a helpful soul ends up another swimmer trying to rescue his buddy so think “what if”.   Tell us what you take to the ice to prevent a disaster.

My pull rope for my smitty sled is clipped on with carabineers and is doubled up while it is attached. can easily be removed for a throw rope. I have a few of those mylar blankets that I keep in my kit.

If it is my buddy that needs rescue, I'll ask him where he keeps the spare key to his gun safe.  For anybody else, I have a 75 foot rope or my doubled pull rope with quick release.  I always have a blanket and a Colman stove in truck topper.

picked up a throw bag at the ice show in dec. have practiced throwing it several times since. always in the jetsled. wire

Ropes are good, with one addition. Tie a big loop on the end, to that, tie a thin heaving line with a monkey’s fist at the end. This allows you to throw from further away(safer for you) with great accuracy, and allows them to simply pull the loop to and around them quickly instead of trying to tie something.


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