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Jig Rod Wire Tip ???

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Was out on the ice yesterday and did fairly well...... caught a bunch of Crappie.... nice size too !!  Saw a fellow doing much better and after visiting with him a bit happened to notice that on the end of his jig rod was a fine wire "gizmo" that detected even the slightest hit.  Anyone know what they are called and where one could purchase one.  Or are they "homemade-gizmo's" ?

Those are probably spring bobbers and they can be had at about any bait shop.

it is a spring bobber, you can tell if a fish is there, if he is taking the bait down or up. You can't use a whole minnow with them tho because you could never tell if its the minnow or a fish

I just made a dozen spring bobbers out of a spring I had lying around, the spring was 3 inches long before I started stretching it out and cutting it into 3 inch pieces, I used needle nose pliers to form it to look like the store bought ones that cost $1.  They work great

Dafish is right springs you can do yourself and you can determine the sensitivity by th size of the spring. Also those Schooley springs are another alternative too.


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