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When nothing is biting?

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Sometimes when you see those fish on your flasher come right to your bait and then leave you may have missed there bite. Look for the line to gain a bit of slack  or move to the side and if you see it lift your rod tip up about 6 or 8 inches (DO NOT JERK). I have outfished many a fisherman on days like this with all types of pan fish. It is harder the deeper your fishing but the real key is to hold that rod dead still once you think the fish has commited. Sometimes you can use the water sticking to your line as a strike indicator. This all sounds difficult to some but with a little practice you may be surprised how many more fish you catch. Since I learned these trick I very rarely don't limit out!

when the fish dont seem to take the bait or you cant tell if the fish are biting i usually set my rod down and watch the tip, that way my had isnt shaking and i can tell when the fish are biting. I also think somtimes when you are holding the rod and shaking the tip that when the fish arent active it spooks them so when you set it down it stops the rod from shaking and causes the fish to bite more often.

When nothing is biting.....kick back and take a nap.

If the fish happens to be perch, and they are being finnicky, try tail-hooking a really small minnow, and lightly jigging it.  Some lakes here in NY, that is the only way to catch jumbos come mid-winter.

Dr. BlueGill:
I have been using spring bobbers on my poles lately and like stated I set the pole down on the edge of the hole so it dows not move.  I also have found that when fish are coming up and not taking it you can luck out by picking the rod up real slow as move the bait away from them.  This seems to make them impatient like a meal is slipping away.


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