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Rope for a spear

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I just finished making my first spear. I was thinking about using paracord for the rope, does anyone have a reason I shouldn't?   I searched but didn't come up with anything.   

Good question, I was thinking the same thing because I want a slightly longer one and I have a ton of para cord. 

I use Paracord connected to the spear by way of a taped on ring to dampen noise.

A lot of people measure to the bottom, but always allow for extra and let the pike sit and fight for a bit on the bottom.

Then get ready after pullingthe fish up. I have had pike come in to swim around in the plume of mud. Sometimes multiple pike.

Awesome,  I'm going to give it a shot.  Thanks

I also use paracord. Been running that way for three or four seasons now with no complaints.


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