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ice Cleat WARS... Kahtoola vs Stabilizers

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curious to icers who've had experience with both brands of ice cleats... Kahtoolas & Stabilizers


I have a pair of the stabilicers, but they are the ones without the heal grips. If you get a pair, make sure they have the heal grips cuz without them you will kill yourself. they are junk and a waste of money.

I have a pair of Stabilizers, with a heel straps and have been happy with them. Walking on ice is the easy for them, it is all the rocks I climb over in the open water season with them that puts the hurt on them. I have had to replace screws that have popped out but not a big deal. Between the  Stabilizers and the screws I am still under $30 with the deal I found on ebay...

52 yrs old, 2 bad knees. I had a job outdoors for the last 20 years, and bought every incarnation of ice cleat. Do yourself a favor and buy the Kahtoolas. The big reason is walking across a snowed on lake, the stabilicers will come off, if they have the retention strap you may not lose it, but as soon as you step on ice with one boot and no cleat you are twirling like a ballerina. The stabilicers are made cheaper as well, and the rubber breaks faster. And trying to reattach a cleat in the middle of the lake is nearly impossible.

I just remembered why I really hated the stabilicers thanks to blackdog. The stabilicers would clog up with snow and ice real easy. After a while I was walking around with blobs of ice intead of cleats. After I almost blew my back out slipping around on the ice several times I took them off. Worse than useless.


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