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NW Indiana Ice Fishing in Dec 2005


Here's a video of my ice fishing in NW Indiana in Dec. 2005. These pics were taken on Long Lake and Flint Lake in Porter County and Lake George in Lake county. This is my first winter to ice fish, so I'm learning!!! This is my first attempt to upload a video file to rapidshare. All you have to do is click the "Free Download" option at the bottom of the screen.

pretty cool video

thanks!!! It's been a fun December. Now the ice is melted!!!! More cold to come I'm sure. Thanks for watching!

That's cool! How did you convert the pictures to video format, what program?

I used Windows Movie Maker. It is on your computer if you have XP for an operating system. Glad you liked it! Here's a couple more that I did of my summer fishing


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