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It'll be a while before I can go... Going to Oregon this weekend and Wisconsin the weekend after... Unfortunately neither is for fishing.  Dakota Angler is a good place... Otherwise Scheels.

Burbank Lake is basically dead

Ramblingman, Dakota Angler and Scheels should have everything you need.

I'm new to South Dakota and Ice Fishing. I've been a few times up by Arlington. I'd be interested in going with anyone. I'm planning on fishing Monday the 19th. Then gone for a few days, but fishing again off and on December 26th through January 7th.

anyone in the black hills using this topic?? looking for someone to go up to Orman  next week sometime planning to fish late bite. giggs

I have next week off of work, and plan on going out as often as I can provided the ice is built back up (should be good).

If anyone is interested in going out around the Sioux Falls area that might be willing to show me and the kid a thing or two, let me know.


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