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--- Quote from: ramblingman on Jan 11, 2015, 10:43 PM ---Just moved to Vermillion SD. Having trouble finding good ice fishing spots. The vermillion river is all frozen, but idk if its frozen thick enough uniformly to go ice fishing on. The Missouri has some sheets of ice and big ice jambs, but i sure as heck wouldn't go walk out on it. Found one lake that looks ok, but access is a bit tough as it is obviously not being frequently used. Kinda hard to know if the ice on it is any good. Thinking of heading over to the lewis and clark lake towards Yankton for some ice fishing.

Would appreciate some leads on ice fishing here in South East SD or I'd be happy to buy the beer and tag along with a group if anyone's open to it.

--- End quote ---

Yeah.... there's not much around here sorry.  I live in Yankton / lived in Vermillion for 5 years...  Lakes that are nearby are pretty much limited to Lake Henry, Marindahl, Menno, and Hudson.... All are a fairly good drive.  As you get toward Sioux Falls you have a few more options.   Maybe there's a lake I don't know about nearby and someone can give you a closer suggestion.  Also, I wouldn't be setting foot on Lewis and Clark, but maybe other people have?  I was walking on less than two inches of ice (not intentionally) on Hudson last weekend.  Most of the small lakes around here only have 5 or 6".  Maybe the marina would have decent ice, but I'd be using a spud for sure.

Yeah, Burbank Lake was the only one nearby which looked at all promising. You ever tried that?

I would spend my gas money driving north rather than to L&C,..that lake is tough enough for people that fish it regularly, even in summer. Lake Yankton, (below the dam) was killed off for renovation last fall.
You will start to find the southern end of the better fishing around I-90, and  find more water the farther north you go.
There are lots of "state" lake maps and stocking info on the SDGF website, plus phone numbers for information.

No, I haven't... might end up being good?  GFP says it has crappie, bass, and pike.

JVfishing go try it out and let me know. Their is only one good path going down to it off of 470 i could find. It clearly hasn't been ice fished on yet from what i could see so im a little leary of walking out on it being a rookie and all lol.

I'll be going up to Sioux Falls for a job interview tomorrow. I need a auger and a stick to check the ice in front of me as well as some ice spikes and maybe a small sled to pack all the junk. Anyone know any good stores up there to check out?


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